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Advantages of spelt
Spelt diet causes

Spelt diet causes a drop in blood cholesterol levels
On eating spelt grains diabetics can take much less insulin ( after necessary doctor's advice )
Spelt gruels are best for people with a high level of blood cholesterol and for diabetes
Spelt grains accelerate metabolism whereas spelt flour rather slows it down
Spelt soup (gruel) for those who suffer from diarrhoea and patients just after an operation
Spelt grains prevent gallstones formation
Spelt quickly causes the long-lasting feeling of fullness
Spelt coffee improves digestion and has both a mild laxative and an anti-allergic effect
Spelt beer is a strengthening beverage comparable to light beer in taste
Spelt has similar flavour to nuts and contains components not found in the common wheat which act as anti-oxidants in your body. It is also very rich in minerals, amino acids, saturated fatty acids, vitamin B, iron and protein.