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Functionality of products by Ania
Advantages and functionality

Advantages and functionality of products by Ania

Functional food is gaining more and more advocates. The result of eating it is the improved quality of the daily diet. But what is hidden behind this enigmatic term? Apart from providing nutrients, functional food also influences the human body in the way that it improves your well-being or prevents diseases. That is why it is worth including it in your daily menu. Our products, either traditional or organic ones, are intended for a precisely defined group of people or those in a specific physiological condition: for diabetics, for people allergic to lactose, milk proteins or eggs as well as for children as a perfect snack or substitute for crisps.

The characteristic features of products by Ania are that they contain one or a few health-promoting substances and an optimal proportion of particular nutrients which occur naturally;

Products by Ania are first of all the products of plant origin containing such elements as:
- dietary fibre, which prevents constipations, obesity, or reduces the risk of cancer occurrence when included in the diet, i.e. oaten cookies and spelt cookies, which contain as many as 6-12 grams of dietary fibre
- proteins – have various functions in the body and are vital for the right growth and development of the body;
- fermented non-dairy pastry – without allergens, i.e. Grandma Anne’s cookies no milk, no eggs.

They are also without sweeteners (refined sugars, artificial sweeteners) - among our ingredients you can only find brown unrefined cane sugar, i.e. Organic Grandma's Muffins - organic product.